New Nexus 7 owners now vexed by multitouch bugs

New Nexus 7 digitizer test
Touch is a moving target

Looks like GPS issues aren't the only problem plaguing the new Nexus 7: The Android team are also investigating multitouch complaints with the tablet's touchscreen display.

Android Police reported this week that owners of the new Nexus 7 appear to have another bummer to add to their GPS woes, this time revolving around how the touchscreen registers input.

Soon after the new Nexus 7 first landed in the hands of users, complaints of "highly erratic touch detection" have continued to pile up on the Google Product Forum, an issue most obvious while trying to type using the on-screen keyboard.

According to users, the new Nexus 7 incorrectly registers touch input while using battery power, randomly causing touch targets to jump around - an issue that doesn't seem to be happening while plugged in with AC power.

Second OTA to blame?

While many users have attempted to wipe their tablet to fix the issue, several reports claim the problem stems from Google's second and most recent over-the-air update with the build number JSS15J.

The report - as well as a YouTube video by user bobafuzz which documents the issue - suggest something about the software build modified the tuning of the touchscreen digitizer, possibly reducing the electrical current too much while on battery power.

A Google employee named Paul confirmed via Groups that "the Android team is aware of this issue and investigating," saying he'd post more information when it became available to share.

Meanwhile, Google is still hard at work addressing the first new Nexus 7 bug reported last week, which causes the built-in GPS to randomly disconnect after a period of time, even after a reboot.