Lost Highway: New Nexus 7 GPS flaw leaves users up the creek without a satnav

New Google Nexus 7 owners reporting GPS problems
"Why isn't my naivgation working! Oh, the app isn't open"

Google, it seems, needs to find a route to resolve and apparent GPS issue being experienced by owners of its new Nexus 7 tablet.

Multiple users have taken to Google's support forums complaining the devices location services are only working for a short period of time, before completely and irrecoverably dropping off.

Each of the complainants say the GPS works fine for a certain period of time - some say a couple of minutes, others say a couple of hours, before frantically starting to search.

When the issue kicks in device owners are reporting flashing icons and an no more directional help from the satellites above the earth

Dead end

Of those Nexus 7 users suffering with the issue some have enjoyed success by rebooting the tablet, before the problem soon returns, while others have found a resolution by uninstalling the Navigation app or by returning the device to its factory default settings.

Google has told posters on its official support forums that it is looking into the issue, so it seems reasonable to expect a software patch in the near future, hopefully before the tablet goes on sale in the UK on August 28

Are any of you stateside Nexus 7 '2' user experiencing GPS woes? Tell us what's up in the comments section below?

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