New Motorola tablet appears on blurry cam

New Motorola tablet appears on blurry cam
New Moto tablet... sort of

A solitary picture of what's purportedly a new tablet from Motorola has appeared online, with the latest gadget looking a lot slimmer than its predecessor, the Motorola Xoom.

The picture, posted by This Is My Next, is disappointingly blurry but if you squint, slant your head to 45 degrees and say "there's no place like home" you can see what seems to be an ultra-slim 7-inch tablet.

The tablet appears to have a 16:9 screen and This Is My Next reckons there are ports visible that show that it uses micro USB and has micro HDMI functionality.

Personally, we think these could well be specs of dust picked up by the inept photographer behind the shot.

Caught by the fuzz

TIMN also reckons the black blob above the fuzzy tablet could well be the rumoured Droid HD. Either they are privy to some inside information or they have much better eyes than us.

Motorola has hinted that a 7-inch tablet is on the way and it is a popular size for the format, given Apple is keeping a close eye on every tablet released that's the same size as the iPad.

So, hopefully, we will find out more about this mini Motorola Xoom in the near future.

The picture is blurry but This Is My Next has a habit of getting its hands on pre-announced tech, so we are putting this down as a Quite Likely.

quite likely

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