Is Google's official Nexus 7 protective case actually damaging tablets?

Is Google's official Nexus 7 protective case actually damaging tablets?
Might want to try that black case instead...

If you're going to fork over a decent amount for cash for a tablet like Google's Nexus 7, then it's probably wise to pick up a nice case to ensure it stands the test of time, right?

Well in the case of Google's official folio case for the 2013 Nexus 7 might be doing more harm that good.

An Android Central reporter who grabbed the red iteration of the case when buying a Nexus 7 three months ago, took it off recently to reveal rust-coloured line all the way around the edges.

Nexus 7 - being damaged? (Credit: Android Central)

Nexus 7 - being damaged? (Credit: Android Central)

Around all four corners and everywhere there's a cutout on the case, a deep red line on my otherwise pristine black Nexus 7. I can scrub all I want, and the lines don't seem to want to come off," wrote Andrew Martonik.

Not a cheap option

The official folio case is by no means a cheap knock-off at $50 (£30), but it's the open backed design that's likely cause for the stains.

The case, which also comes in black for those unwilling to deal with the red stains, has wake/sleep functionality and folds back into a number of positions.

So, we're not sure if there's a moral to this story other than to say even supposed protection can be damaging for your gadgets.

Have you experienced similar problems with cases for your tech? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

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