iPad mini 2 with Retina may be delayed by burn-in problems

iPad mini 2 with Retina may be delayed by burn-in problems

The iPad mini 2 is still mysteriously absent from shelves despite the arrival of the iPad Air, and the latest word from the Far East is it's down to some pesky technical hiccups.

Korean publication ETNews claims that Apple's partner manufacturer Sharp is having difficulties with the advanced IGZO display technology which is leading to low yield rates.

Sharp's thin-film transistor is said to be at fault, causing burn-in on a number of the displays. Because of this, Apple is reported to be "delaying its launch" of the mini 2.

Eyes on the high resolution prize

This comes not long after we heard a similar story about Sharp not meeting the production standards for the iPad mini 2, although the specifics at that point were vague.

At that point we also heard that LG was experiencing problems though it's unclear whether it's overcome the bump in the road.

According to the new source, the burn isn't actually visible to the naked eye, however it still doesn't meet Apple's super strict Retina standards.

As a result, Apple is said to be turning to Samsung Display to supply displays starting next year. Take it all with a smidgen of salt for now, but there's certainly some sort of trouble in Retina paradise.

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