iOS 5 code hints at Retina Display for iPad 3

Is this proof that the iPad 3 will rock Retina Display?
Is this proof that the iPad 3 will rock Retina Display?

It's been a while since we've had a good Retina-Display-for-iPad rumour but iOS 5 is here to save the day – devs tinkering around with the SDK code for the OS discovered that the Twitter.framework features an 1536 x 2048 pixel icon.

That's double the current size needed for the iPad 2's icons and these mammoth image dimensions also show up in Apple's magazine app, Newsstand, leading us all down the Retina Display path leading to the iPad 3.

But this proves nothing as the same dimension options were also spotted for some iPad app icons back in January, and the Retina Display-less iPad 2 has launched since then.

Resolution pollution

The iPad 2 was left to languish with the same IPS LCD display as the original iPad, while the iPhone 4 and iPod touch enjoy all the crisp high definition goodness that Retina Display brings.

Rumours have continued to swirl that Apple simply couldn't get the displays ready to go in time or for a low enough price, suggesting we'll see the next iteration rocking the dense display.

And just when will that arrive? Plenty of 'anonymous sources' and pontificating analysts have suggested we'll see the iPad 3 release date in September, around about the same time as we're expecting iOS 5 (and the iPhone 5) to hit.

From TechUnwrapped via MacRumours

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