In pictures: Sony Vaio tablet concepts

In pictures Sony Vaio tablet concepts

Sony may have been a little late to the tablet game but its stand at CES 2012 showed that the company was thinking hard about how to make its tablets stand out from the crowd in the future.

One concept, which was shown off behind a case was a Sony Vaio tablet, complete with wireless keyboard. The tablet looked a little thicker than that of an iPad and had an oval shape.

The keyboard was backlit with glow in the dark keys. Interestingly, there was a Windows key on the keyboard, which would suggest that it will be a Windows 8 tablet.

Sony vaio tablet

A Sony rep told me that even though this was a concept, if it was launched then its looks wouldn't change all that much. They also explained that the back of the tablet has been designed to give you extra grip when holding the thing.

Sony vaio tablet

Sony also showed off another tablet which looked like an Eee Pad Slider – the keyboard dock however is actually detachable.

Sony vaio tablet

Both of these concepts have been given the Vaio branding which is also a sign they will be Windows 8 – as Sony's current crop of tablets, which run on Android, haven't been given the Vaio moniker.