EVGA's Tegra Note 7 gets 4G LTE boost and Android KitKat

EVGA Tegra Note 7 LTE
From graphics cards to stylus controlled tablets

There's no shortage of 7-inch tablets to choose from and the world has yet another option with the new EVGA Tegra Note 7 LTE.

Its practically the same Tegra Note 7 EVGA released last November but with the added bonus of 4G LTE and HSPA+ connectivity. Other than an additional i500 LTE modem this slightly updated jet-black 7-inch tablet will also come with Android 4.4 KitKat.

The tablet also features 1280 x 800 resolution, stylus control enabled display sided by two speakers. Just above the screen there's also a VGA camera and on the back a 5-megapixel sensor.

Internally, users will find a gaming targeted quad-core Tegra 4 CPU buffed up with 1GB of RAM. The 16GB of internal storage can also be further expanded up to 32GB thanks to the microSD slot.

Going global

The EVGA Note 7 LTE is listed to start selling in just a few months by the second quarter of this year for $299 (about £179). Shoppers browsing shelves in North America and Western Europe will find it under the EVGA name, but in the United Kingdom it will be branded as a Dixons product.

The newly revamped device will also make its way to broader shores including Ukraine, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil and China under a variety of names including Zotac and Gigabyte.

While the Note 7 LTE may be able to lay claim to being the most internationally available tablet, there are plenty of alternative options out there. For the same, if not lower, price users could pick up a much higher-resolution screened Nexus 7 2 or Kindle Fire HDX 7.


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