Amazon may release a super cheap 6-inch tablet before the end of the year


A new report suggests that Amazon may launch a new 6-inch tablet with a super low price tag of only $50.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the super-cheap tablet will be released before the end of the year, according to "people familiar with the matter", and will be launched alongside 8- and 10-inch variations.

The sources told the publication that the specs and features will take a hit due to the low cost, adding that it will likely only have mono speakers instead of stereo, but not much else was revealed.

A new line, or old?

With a $50 price tag, the new tablet will be the cheapest in Amazon's current line up, costing about half the price of the 6-inch Fire HD and even less than the cheapest Kindle, which costs $79.

We're not really sure what to expect in a $50 tablet, but with the new Kindle Voyager and updated Kindle Paperwhite already out this year, we assume it likely won't be another e-reader.

Still, it's also currently unclear if the slates mentioned will be updated versions of Amazon's Fire HD tablets, but Amazon is expected to announce updated Fire HD tablets sometime later this year.

We'll be reaching out to Amazon for more information, but we'll likely have to wait until it makes its announcement before we know more.

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