T-Mobile announces Android tablet PC

T-Mobile's new family-centric internet tablet
T-Mobile's new family-centric internet tablet

T-Mobile has announced a new Android tablet that it claims will be the centre of connected family life.

A 15-inch tablet, it's powered by the Vega device released by Innovative Converged Devices, and is apparently designed to sit in the kitchen, providing a central unit for the family to use.

It will come equipped with a T-Mobile SIM and Wi-Fi for connectivity, and features voice and video calling ability for hands free communication.

A full web browser is also included on the Android system, which comes with core applications installed but doesn't have access to Android Market, which T-Mobile says is due to other applications being tailored for smaller screens.

T-Mobile says it has developed this device having spoken to over 1,000 families in the past 18 months, and believes this device is something homes are looking for to connect each other.

Central texts

For instance, the central calendar will be accessible from any other phone or PC, and will send out text reminders for events coming up.

T-Mobile has told TechRadar that the price will be 'competitive', which is why the new unit has been developed using Android, and will come both on contract and PAYG.

It obviously will be drawing comparisons with O2's Joggler device, although this has to be tethered to mains power, where the T-Mobile device has a two hour battery on board and a magnetic dock.

Richard Warmsley, Head of New Proposition Development for T-Mobile told TechRadar: "this was genuinely started research, we're not looking for a 'one size fits all' solution [when quizzed about comparisons with the likes of the forthcoming Apple iSlate].

"This is not technology for technology's sake, it's a new category of device and not about taking one specific device head on."

T-Mobile also told us there will be a fuller launch in two months, with the device likely to appear nearer the end of the year.

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