Lenovo to join wearable device party in 2015

Lenovo to join wearable device party in 2015
Moto 360 set to get a Lenovo branded family member

Lenovo has revealed that it has spent years working on R&D for its wearable technology, and we will see the fruits of this in January at CES 2015.

The wearable market is a burgeoning one but it is crying out for a standout device. Lenovo is hoping that its approach to wearables will make sure that it will be its name that adorns your wrist.

Speaking to TechRadar at its global headquarters in Beijing, Liu Jun, EVP president of mobile at Lenovo, explained that the wearable market was one they were looking at closely - and once the deal with Motorola goes through, they will have multiple options to choose from.

"We are very positive about the wearable device market. Not only will Motorola launch the 360 watch this year - and that is a great product - we will also announce a wearable device at CES," noted Jun.

Playing the waiting game

Arthur Wei, chief marketing officer at Lenovo, explained to TechRadar that it could have actually launched a wearable device years ago, but it has been patiently waiting for a number of things to happen.

"We started to study wearable technology two and a half years ago," Wei explained. "We could have launched some eye-catching products at that time, but we delayed to make sure price point and the weight of the devices were right."

He isn't as convinced that the current crop of wearables are doing enough, though, saying: "Everyone is trying, but still the market isn't that promising."

Marc Chacksfield

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