Toshiba's Satellite U920T is half Windows 8 Ultrabook, half tablet

Toshiba's Satellite U920T is half Windows 8 Ultrabook, half tablet
Identity crisis

Toshiba's getting in on the convertible Ultrabook action with the newly revealed Satellite U920T which doubles as a laptop and a Windows 8 tablet.

The 12.5-inch Gorilla Glass display is a 5-point touchscreen and converts from laptop-style to tablet in a 'simple sliding motion'.

It'll launch with Windows 8 (64-bit), replete with third-gen Intel processors, Intel HD Graphics 4000 and up to 128GB of SSD storage space.


The U920T was developed in partnership with Intel so it features little extras like the Intel Sensor Solution (3D acceleration sensor, magnetometer, gyroscope and ambient light sensor) for souped up gaming action.

Port-wise, we're looking at full-sized HDMI, two USB 3.0 connectors and an SD card reader, plus there's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity fiends.

The Ultrabook-cum-tablet is launching in Q4 (October to December) after the official Windows 8 launch date. No word yet on pricing.


Also launching at IFA 2012 today is the slightly less impressive Toshiba Satellite P845 touchscreen laptop.


This is the first 14-inch laptop ion the Satellite P-series family, offering efficient power consumption and longer battery life thanks to the Intel Core ultra-low voltage processor.

Also running Windows 8, the touchscreen P845 will be on sale at some point in Q4, with price yet to be announced.

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