Origin PC unveils laptops with supreme gaming power

Origin PC
Get the benefits of a desktop in a laptop

Origin PC has announced new laptops that get you desktop-grade power in a laptop frame, and one that's not all that large either, given the reserves on tap.

The Origin PC EON15-X and EON17-X use desktop-series Intel Core i7 4790K CPUs, getting you the sort of power that's just not possible with efficiency-geared laptop chipsets.

Thanks to general efficiency savings of the latest hardware, though, these models are able to slim down almost 40% in size and 30% in weight compared to Origin PC's earlier models.

The 15-inch EON15-X is just 1.4-inches (3.5cm) thick, which isn't too bad when you consider the snarling beast of a CPU at its core.

These X-series laptops are designed for graphics and video professionals and hardcore gamers, and they offer support for dedicated graphics cards up to a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M.

That should satisfy most of you, although naturally these laptops can't fit in desktop GPUs as well as CPUs.

There is enough space for two m.2 PCIe drives, though.

The slimmer sibling

For the most space-conscious among you, the Origin PC EOS15-S still offers plenty of power but uses a mobile CPU, the Intel® Core i7-4720HQ.

It features a 4GB GeForce GTX 980M GPU and the same dual PCIe upgradeability as the X-series models, along with support for up to 32GB RAM.

The big win with the EOS15-S is that it is 1.13-inches (under 3cm) thick and weighs 5.5lbs (just under 2.5kg). You wouldn't want to carry it around all day long, but that's not bad for a gaming laptop.

There are near-endless customisation options for those ordering direct from Origin PC, with a fairly high-spec EOS15-X costing around $2500 (about £1642, AU$3087).

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