MBC Group’s Shahid streaming service offers free VIP subscription

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If you’re looking for even more content to keep you and your family busy while staying at home, then MBC Group’s Shahid streaming service might be just what you need.

The video on demand platform is offering new users a 1-month VIP subscription, starting Friday 20th March.

The VIP subscription grants access to Shahid’s premium library of family entertainment, which includes exclusive Shahid Premieres, Shahid Originals, Arabic movies fresh off the big screen, live TV channels in true HD quality, as well as diverse range of offerings to the entire family courtesy of Disney, Marvel, FOX, ABC Studios and more.

Notable Arabic content includes “Al Theeb fi Al Qleeb” (The Wolf in the Heart), which marks Saudi comedy icon Nasser Al-Qasabi’s return to theatre after 30 years. Then there’s the film “Born a King” (Wulida Malikan), which documents the extraordinary true story of 13-year-old Faisal, the young son of the first King of Saudi Arabia, who in 1919 is sent on a diplomatic mission.

Lastly, the series, “Domoa Farah” (Tears of Joy) starring Shujoun Al-Hajri, is a Khaleeji social drama that explores what happens when a holiday abroad turns into a nightmare for one Kuwaiti family, who lose their daughter in one of Georgia’s most dangerous forests.

There are also great titles from the Marvel universe and Disney, such as “The Avengers”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Beauty & The Beast”, “Muppets: Most Wanted”, and of course, “Frozen”.

To enjoy one free month of Shahid VIP, users must sign up between Friday 20 March and 5 April 2020. This promotion is exclusively available to new users in the Middle East region.

Those based in Egypt must register via DCB Vodafone.

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