Massive Xbox One sale slashes prices on top backwards compatible 360 games

Have an Xbox One, but missed out on the classics of the Xbox 360 generation? Fancy reliving the glory days of Microsoft's previous console? Well here's your chance – Microsoft is putting massive discounts on a huge variety of back catalogue items.

There are some real gems to be had here with prices cut by as much as 75%, putting many games firmly into impulse buy territory. 

It's a 'who's who' of the last Microsoft generation, with the likes of Fable II, Red Dead Redemption, multiple Call of Duty titles, the original Gears of War trilogy and tonnes of other games up for grabs. In total, 275 games are on sale.

Looking back to move forwards

Microsoft gathered a great deal of good will for its flailing Xbox One console when it made a solid effort to get Xbox 360 games backwards compatible for its newer machine. With 378 last-gen titles currently working on the newer console, it makes Sony's streaming-only alternative option on the PS4 seem lacking.

Hopefully Microsoft will continue in this direction with it's upcoming Project Scorpio machine, which it's touting as being the most powerful home console ever created.

It's a top sale from Microsoft then, with discounts valid until May 22. And to think – we're still months away from the deals madness of Black Friday. Who knows what will happen when price-slashing season kicks in.

Gerald Lynch

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