Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is going to be the weirdest game at E3 2017

Crossover events happen all the time in video games. Sometimes they're amazing, just look at Marvel vs. Capcom or the Super Smash Bros. games. Others have been, well, not as good. (Sonic and Mario at the Olympics we’re looking in your direction...) 

But Mario x Rabbids Kingdom Battle, the latest crossover from Ubisoft and Nintendo, looks just downright weird. 

The first piece of key art emerged today on the internet ahead of the game’s E3 2017 reveal and, well … it’s certainly something all right. (Yep, that’s a Rabbid dressed as Princess Peach taking a selfie.) 

While you would never guess it from the artwork, the game is going to be a strategy role-playing game – think Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem and you'll be on the right track.

The game blends the two universes and, according to some leaked marketing materials, offers "the best of two worlds". We'll believe it when we see it.

Images were discovered by Nintendo World Report

Images were discovered by Nintendo World Report

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was supposed to be unveiled at Ubisoft's upcoming press conference but, well, sometimes the best laid plans of mushroom men and mutated rabbits don't pan out how you'd expect. 

According to the images found by Nintendo World Report, the game will be about 20 hours in length, offer eight playable characters and contain four worlds to discover. The game also might have a co-op mode as well.

Unfortunately, however, without a direct confirmation from Ubisoft about the game we're not totally sure the marketing materials are legit – but, given the leaks that have preceded today's marketing foible, this is likely the real deal.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is reported to come out in the fall of this year (August or September) on the Nintendo Switch.

Via Nintendo World Report

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