MacBook Pro 2018 keyboard may not fix sticky key problem

Apple has just announced its new lineup of MacBook Pro 2018 notebooks, and many people were hoping that the new keyboard included with the device would address the issue of ‘sticky keys’, where the keyboards would not accurately record key presses in some instances.

Unfortunately, Apple has told CNET that it has not included any tweaks to the design or engineering to address the sticky key issue.

After it had become apparent that MacBook Pro keyboards with the butterfly switch appeared to fail more than pre-2016 MacBook Pro notebooks with older keyboards, Apple admitted that some of its MacBook keyboard break too easily, and offered a new repair program to help fix the “small percentage” of keyboards in certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models that repeat characters, don't register key presses, or fail to respond in an expected way for free.

Keyboard woes

While Apple has upgraded the MacBook Pro 2018’s keyboard, with the third generation of the keyboard being quieter to type on, some people will be dismayed that the company apparently hasn’t directly addressed the issue of the sticky keys.

Apple maintains that this issue only affected a small percentage of users in the past, and it’s too early to tell if the keyboard in the MacBook Pro 2018 will be affected.

Hopefully, although Apple hasn't addressed the issue directly, the improvements it made to the keyboard elsewhere will have made this new generation less susceptible. We’ve contacted Apple for comment.


Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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