Logitech's new G Hub software goes into early access starting today

Logitech G Hub

Logitech announced its new G Hub software was going to go into early access back at E3 2018, and now it’s finally available for everyone to download.

Logitech G Hub is the company’s new essential piece of software for all its gaming keyboards, mice and other peripherals. It replaces Logitech’s older G software with a modern design and a deeper level of lighting and macro customization, which users can also export to share profiles online.

Logitech tells TechRadar that the new software should be much more lightweight than the previous version, as it will only download software packages for the peripherals you actually plug in. 

This solves a major problem with Logitech's older G Software, which would always carry firmware and software updates for all its peripherals. On the older interface, it would show virtual demo versions of gaming headsets and mice in place of any peripherals users didn't have physically plugged into their PCs.

Additionally, the G Hub can automatically download updates for all your gear, rather than asking the user to re-download a whole new version of the G Software loaded with the latest firmware and patches. As for any new hardware Logitech releases, we’ve been told the software will also recognize these new devices and download all the necessary tools as soon as you plug them in.

This new piece of software follows the recent trend of lighting software redesigns from gaming companies such as Razer Central and Corsair iCue. In the end, it's the gamers who win in this race for the best hardware app.

Kevin Lee

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