LG’s lighter-than-Air gram 14 just got an insane battery boost

LG has announced a huge boost in battery longevity for its featherweight gram 14 notebook over at CES in Las Vegas.

The refreshed gram 14 remains the world’s lightest 14-inch Ultrabook – weighing in at just 980g – thanks to its carbon magnesium alloy chassis, which also makes the notebook very durable, too.

However, the trade-off with the existing gram 14 was a less-than-stellar claimed battery life of 7.5 hours (bearing in mind that this will potentially be a lot less with heavier usage), but as mentioned, the good news with this new take on the laptop is that battery life has been seriously boosted.

In fact, LG is now claiming a battery longevity of up to 21 hours for its highly portable notebook, which certainly makes an already attractive machine even more tempting.

A super-sized monitor, too

LG also took the time to show off its LG 38UC99, a massive 38-inch ultra-wide (21:9 aspect ratio) monitor with a resolution of 3,840 x 1,600 pixels – note that this is the biggest curved monitor on the market.

Its IPS panel offers over 99% coverage of the sRGB color space, and the idea behind this large curved display is that all the screen real-estate available makes it perfect for multi-tasking professionals, and indeed it can be used instead of a clumsier dual monitor setup.

It’s not all about professional use, though, and as LG notes, gamers and movie watchers will appreciate the “eye-popping” detail and colors that this big monitor delivers.

Release and pricing details are still to be confirmed for the refreshed LG gram 14, whereas the 38UC99 monitor is already on sale with a recommended price of $1,499 (it’s £1,200 in the UK, which is around AU$2,040).

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