LG V40 ThinQ confirmed for October 4 launch and triple rear cameras teased

With the iPhone XS launch out of the way attention is already turning back to other manufacturers and their upcoming phones, including the LG V40 ThinQ, which we now know is launching on October 4.

LG has confirmed that the announcement will happen on that date in South Korea, so at the time of writing there is only three weeks to wait.

But as well as confirming the date, LG has also teased one of the main features of the phone in a brief video, namely the presence of a triple-lens rear camera.

The company doesn’t outright confirm that the LG V40 ThinQ will have three lenses, but the teaser video shows photos being taken of a subject from three different distances, with three dots at the bottom of the viewfinder, likely representing the three different camera lenses.

Three cameras looks likely

This also isn’t the first time we’ve heard talk of a triple-lens camera, with an earlier rumor suggesting the LG V40 ThinQ would have a 20MP primary lens, a 16MP wide-angle one and a 13MP telephoto one.

While those specifics are just a rumor for now, the perspectives each shot was taken from in the teaser video would more or less match up with that.

Other rumors about the LG V40 ThinQ include that it will have a roughly 90% screen-to-body-ratio, a notch, the Snapdragon 845 chipset, a fingerprint scanner on the back and potentially two front-facing cameras, allowing for 3D facial recognition.

With the phone coming soon we won’t have to wait long to find out how true those rumors are.

Via Phone Arena

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