LG V30 will be available in bold pink later this year - but it's not for everyone

LG has revealed ahead of CES 2018 that it will soon range its latest flagship phone - the LG V30 - in a bold shade of pink called Raspberry Rose.

The handset will be launching at the show in Las Vegas next week and will be available in LG's home market of South Korea very soon after. We know it's set to come to other key Asian and European markets in the coming months too.

It may mean you'll be able to buy it in the UK in the coming months, but whether it'll ever be released in the US or Australia remains to be seen. If you want the Raspberry Rose shade and live in America or Australia, you may have to import it at a later date.

You could previously buy the phone in Aurora Black, Cloud Silver, Moroccan Blue and Lavender Violet, so the new Raspberry Red will bring your color options up to five.

If this new shade is a success for the company, we may see it available on the rumored LG G7 that we expect to see launch at MWC 2018 in February this year.

James Peckham

James is Managing Editor for Android Police. Previously, he was Senior Phones Editor for TechRadar, and he has covered smartphones and the mobile space for the best part of a decade bringing you news on all the big announcements from top manufacturers making mobile phones and other portable gadgets. James is often testing out and reviewing the latest and greatest mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, virtual reality headsets, fitness trackers and more. He once fell over.