Lenovo Blade is a sharp 2-in-1 laptop we might see come 2018

Lenovo might have an innovative new hybrid notebook lined up for next year, at least according to some design details which have popped up online.

The Lenovo Blade is essentially a tablet with a built-in cover that folds out and acts as a stand, paired with a detachable keyboard that’s secured using a circular magnet.

Now that all might sound familiar as another Surface Pro 4 clone, however, Notebook Italia spotted the design materials that suggest the Lenovo Blade components are actually in the base. One theory is that the keyboard base could contain the components to run Windows 10 while it streams the desktop to the separate display using Intel's Miracast streaming software.

In this case, Miracast would not only transmit a picture, but allow both screen and keyboard to keep working together even when detached. The Lenovo design materials notes that you could also use the slate as a touchscreen keyboard to interact with an external monitor.

Another interesting wrinkle is the tablet could have its own hardware innards to make it work as a standalone Android tablet.

All of which makes for a potentially very flexible device, physically and figuratively speaking. 

Different in every way

The cover protects the tablet screen when you’re on the move, and when the hybrid is in use, it can slide back (remember, it’s actually attached to the slate) and used as a kickstand with three different angles.

Or you can flip the cover right around the back of the tablet, for when you want to use the device as, er...a tablet (albeit a slightly thicker one with that non-removable cover).

It’s good to see that Lenovo isn’t giving up on the quest to put a new spin on hybrids, despite its many other convertible offerings, and according to the details provided by the company, the Blade is expected to launch after this year – so we could see it in 2018.

Although we must remember that this is still a concept design at this point, so there’s no guarantee the hybrid will ever see fruition.

Via: Liliputing

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