Leaked videos show what Samsung's AR glasses might look like

An image of Samsung's AR Glasses project
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We've been hearing rumors and seeing concepts for a pair of Samsung augmented reality glasses for several years now, but newly leaked promo videos suggest that an actual product might now be on the way. 

Posted by the usually reliable WalkingCat on Twitter, the clips show off wearables called the AR Glasses and the AR Glasses Lite, doing all the stuff that augmented reality glasses can do – projecting screens, videos, desktops, and 3D objects in front of the viewer.

These videos are labeled as concepts still at the research and development stage, and we've not heard anything official from the South Korean technology giant yet – so we wouldn't expect these next-gen spectacles to be launching imminently.

However, it's an interesting look at what Samsung might be working on behind the scenes. It wouldn't be the only company with a pair of AR glasses in the pipeline.

Samsung AR Glasses first impressions

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The two videos we've got a look at here show some reasonably regular-looking glasses, with thick frames on the sides. Giant virtual screens can be projected in front of the viewer for watching movies, playing games and so on.

We also see an auto-dimming sunglasses mode here, and it looks as though the specs can be used as a screen for a drone as well. The second video shows off some HoloLens-style 3D effects, further expanding the capabilities of the wearable.

One of the more interesting reveals in the videos is that you might be able to use a Samsung smartwatch to control what you're looking at through the AR glasses, which could make for some intuitive input operations.

Video calls are also demonstrated in the clips, but it's worth emphasizing that this looks very much like a work in progress – if the Samsung AR Glasses are real and in development, a full launch is still likely to be a way off.

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