Leaked Samsung Galaxy S23 renders show an uninspiring selection of colors

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
A Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Image credit: Future)

We’ve previously heard from multiple sources that the Samsung Galaxy S23 series might come in just four shades, but we hadn’t seen what all of those colors actually looked like – but we may now know.

Leaker SnoopyTech has shared renders of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in all four of the rumored shades – namely Cotton Flower (a cream shade), Misty Lilac, Botanic Green and Phantom Black.

If this leak – and others – are right, and those two phones come in those colors, then so, probably, would the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus, though that phone isn’t pictured here.

We would of course take these renders with a pinch of salt, but the source does claim to have 'confirmed' that these images are accurate. Plus, some of these colors have been shown in other images, and the design of the phones is completely in line with other leaks too.

That's to say, the standard Samsung Galaxy S23 looks to be getting a new camera design, with the metal housing from the Samsung Galaxy S22 removed so the lenses sit individually. That’s the main visual change we’re expecting.

Analysis: a boring selection, but there’s reason to doubt it

While this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard these colors mentioned for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, there’s a chance that this leak is wrong or incomplete.

Samsung typically offers a slightly different selection of colors for its Ultra models than for the other phones, so the selections being identical here seems odd.

Plus, the company sometimes offers exclusive shades on its site that might not be accounted for here, and has been known to launch additional colors at a later date as well. So there may yet be other options.

We certainly hope so, because the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is available in a wider selection of colors, with not just more options but arguably more interesting ones too, such as Bora Purple and burgundy.

All of the colors shown here appear to be slightly dull, muted shades, and while the green model is arguably a bit more interesting there was also a green option last year, so it’s nothing new. Hopefully more shades will be offered then, because that would help these handsets stand out among the best Android phones.

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