Is the PS5 too big? This supposed factory photo suggests it's not so bad

(Image credit: Sony)

A new image claimed to be of the PS5 has been doing the rounds, and it appears to give us a better idea of how large the console is. If it's the real deal – and that's the big question – it shows us more of what to expect from the size of the console. It's supposedly from one of Sony's factories, and it shows a man holding the unit. 

The photo started life in the depths of Discord, before being widely shared on the Resetera forum. There is no context whatsoever for what the photo is, though, or where it's been taken. Take a look below:

Some reports are pointing towards this Resetera post by user FFMuz, an 'insider', as evidence this photo is part of an internal communication of some kind. We're not totally convinced either way, honestly, but it is interesting to get an idea of how hefty the console is if it's true. It'd be a weird thing to fake, but this is the internet we're talking about. 

Assuming it is the real deal, there are only so many conclusions you can draw from the size of the console, without knowing how tall the people in this photo are. But even if it's on the larger side, the size of this lad doesn't look completely out of control. 

On Reddit, user GREBO7 compared the predicted size of the console using the standardized width of the optical disc drive. It's very likely to the largest PlayStation console ever, exceeding the beefy original PS3 and Xbox One consoles. The Xbox Series X, by comparison, is wider but shorter when stood up. 

The PS5's size hasn't been officially revealed yet

Sony hasn't revealed the official dimensions of the console yet. After the console's design was first revealed, PlayStation's VP of UX Design, Matt MacLaurin, responded to a question on LinkedIn about why the new console is bigger and bulkier.

"Thermals. This gen is little supercomputers. While the 7nm process delivers amazing heat performance for the power, the power is very extreme."

Better wait for a PS5 slim if you want a smaller console under your TV, then. 

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