Is Apple working on an iPhone that's supposed to bend?

It's still hard to tell exactly what Apple has up its sleeve for the next iPhone, but it appears the company stay flexible for its next series of handsets - literally.

LG Displays has allegedly struck a deal with Apple to produce out-foldable OLED panels for the Cupertino-based tech giant, according to reports from etnews

This, combined with rumors of Apple considering OLED screens on some models of its supposed iPhone 8 - as well as potentially playing with idea of a curved screen - paint an interesting picture of what form the company's flagship phones could look like in the coming years.

LG patented a prototype for a foldable, translucent tablet display earlier this year, while competitor Samsung has made considerable strides in the field with a foldable phone that could potentially release next year

It was unclear this particular patent of LG's is what caught Apple's eye, though the report mentions that the purchased prototype's technical performance was "significantly high."

No more bent 'sets

Apple isn't the only company interested in folding displays. The same report also mentions the likes of Microsoft and Google getting in on LG's screens, which are expected to begin mass production in 2018.

Following the iPhone 6 Plus' 'scandal' with being susceptible to unwanted bending, Apple has reportedly been interested in making a flexible handset for a while now

As is always the case, these reports don't translate to a direct confirmation - especially with a company that keeps its cards as close to its chest as Apple - it's looking more and more likely that the iPhone of the future will look completely different.

Parker Wilhelm
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