iPhone 12 wireless charging might be better than iPhone 11 in one small way

iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro (Image credit: TechRadar)

Do you ever put your iPhone on a wireless charger, then come back a while later and find it wasn't aligned properly so didn't charge? Many report this problem, but it seems that may not be an issue in the iPhone 12, as Apple may be introducing a fix for it.

This is according to Chinese website ITHome, which has published a report on the upcoming Apple phone based on insider information from the iPhone 12 manufacturing process - the piece includes images of plans, blueprints, and parts supposedly from the phone.

According to the report's information, the iPhone 12 will have a magnetic coil built into its wireless charging system, so if you tried to use it with a compatible wireless charging mat, it would automatically align itself so it could power up properly.

Improper wireless charging is a big issue for those smartphone users who try it - Google is introducing its own idea of a fix in Android 11, as the phone will tell you if it's not aligned perfectly.

So while we don't know if the iPhone 12 will offer faster wireless charging than its predecessor the iPhone 11, if this rumor turns out to be true you might at least get to use that wireless charging more effectively.

Won't work on all chargers

There's a bit of a catch with the iPhone 12's magnetic coil, though, as ITHome suggests it would only work with specific wireless charging pads. This means you wouldn't be able to just put the phone on any mat and hope it will work.

It's likely that if or when Apple unveils its AirPower follow-up, this new device will allow for magnetic phone alignment when you're charging.

AirPower was Apple's all-in-one wireless charging pad, which would let you charge your AirPods, iPhone and Apple Watch all at the same time. Well, it was meant to be, but after being announced Apple canceled it since it just didn't work right.

We expect the company is hard at work on an improved version though, and maybe this AirPower 2.0 will be the device that lets you magnetically align your iPhone. It's also possible Apple will let select third-party manufacturers use this tech first, though.

It doesn't seem like this tech will be mentioned at the iPhone 12 launch, if it's only going to be utilized later, but it's possible. We're expecting the iPhone 12 to be launched sometime in September, although because of Covid-19 it's impossible to be sure.

Whenever the iPhone 12 launches, TechRadar will make sure to bring you all the news and information you need.

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