iOS 14.6 has reportedly made Shortcuts much faster

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The iOS 14.6 update recently rolled out and alongside big announced features like Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and Apple Card Family, the update also includes at least one improvement that Apple didn’t announce.

Numerous posters on Reddit are reporting that Shortcuts now work much faster, resolving in less than half the time that they took with iOS 14.5 and earlier.

Shortcuts are a feature that allow you to combine multiple actions into a single Shortcut, so you can get your iPhone or iPad to carry out all the relevant actions when the Shortcut is triggered (be it through a tap, voice command, or other trigger, such as a time or location).

The bigger the Shortcut the bigger the impact

You might for example have a Shortcut that every weekday morning provides the train times to your work, along with the weather, and launches your podcast app. However, some people have Shortcuts that run to hundreds of actions long, and it’s these where the changes in iOS 14.6 are apparently most noticeable.

One user for example reported that their 700-action Shortcut now completes in 13 seconds, down from 30 seconds previously. But even users of simple Shortcuts that previously resolved in a second or two are claiming to be able to notice the difference.

The same speed improvements should be present on iPads running iPadOS 14.6, and we can’t help but wonder what other hidden upgrades there are in Apple’s latest operating system update.

Via Apple Insider

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