Internode’s half-price SIM plans get you 8GB for as little as AU$10 a month

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Mostly known as a historically premium internet provider, Internode is also in the business of selling mobile plans. If you’re after a SIM-only plan on the cheap, Internode has just slashed all its plans by half-price.

The half-price plans are available for your first six months with Internode, and for a tiny AU$10 a month, you can get set up with 8GB of data. We’d argue that makes Internode’s deal the best SIM-only plan you’ll get for AU$10 or less.

If you can stretch your budget a little further – and we mean a smidge – you can double your data to 16GB for AU$12.50 a month. That’s just an extra AU$2.50 for a decently larger data bank.

For those who need more data to burn, higher caps are also available at 50% off for six months. You can sign up for 40GB of monthly data for just AU$15, or snag Internode’s biggest data plan of 55GB for AU$20 a month.

Each of these plans will revert back to their standard pricing after the initial six-month discount, but because Internode's plans come with no lock-in contract, you’ll be free to jump ship to a cheaper deal before facing the price hike.

Internode uses the Vodafone 4G network, and all of its plans come with unlimited talk and text to standard numbers in Australia.

How does the competition stack up?

All of Internode’s plans are excellent at their 50% off rate, but how do they compare to other telcos?

As for Internode’s cheapest plan, which gets you 8GB of data for AU$10 a month, we’ve found its closest competitor to be Moose Mobile’s 6GB for AU$9.80 (a price which is available for your first year with Moose).

Circles.Life often rates highly among the best SIM-only plans, and for its higher data deals, we found Internode’s plans are quite competitive. 

You’ll get better value out of Internode’s 55GB for AU$20 compared to the 50GB for AU$20 offered by Circles.Life (though again, this offer from Circles.Life is available for the first 12 months).

Jasmine Gearie
Ecommerce Editor

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