Overnight news roundup: 18-19 September

Intel is hoping its new 45nm processors will make a splash

We've finally hit the middle of the week and the tech news just keeps on coming. Check out what you missed while you were snoozing last night.

New Intel Processors on the way

At the Intel Developer Forum today, Paul Otellini took the stage to discuss Intel's new offerings for the CPU market. According to Otellini, 15 new 45nm processors, codenamed Penryn and Nehalem, will hit the shelves by the end of this year.

Thunderbird, the popular email program from Mozilla, will now be developed by a third-party. According to Mozilla, the Thunderbird rebranding will result in $3 million of seed funding and help solidify Thunderbird as a major player in the email business.

Google's moon website - a relatively ignored section of the Google group of websites - has been updated by NASA to show new images it has taken of the moon. NASA explained that it aims to make Google Moon a more accurate and reliable source of lunar information.

Is it just us or could the wearable camera industry be about to take off? The new VHoldr is a rugged, weather-proof device that can be worn on your clothes while you film your life. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

NEC has officially announced a new projector that promises 4500 ANSI lumens and can be used at distances ranging from just under a metre all the way up to nearly 90m. And with a respectable contrast ratio of 2300:1, it doesn't sound so bad.

It looks like a USB 3.0 spec may become a reality in the next year. At the Intel Developers Forum today, the USB Promotions Group unveiled the "SuperSpeed", which promises a 10-fold boost in speed and dramatically lowered power consumption. The Group hopes to have USB 3.0 in widespread use by 2010.

New Google Docs app unveiled

Google Docs has officially added a Presentation app to its line-up on the free Office suite. The company claims that this was the best move at this point in the product's development and could easily become a viable alternative to the current offerings from Microsoft.