Vernon Kay shocked at death by Wikipedia

Wikipedia - open to abuse
Wikipedia - open to abuse

Television host and professional northerner Vernon Kay has underlined the fact he is alive and kicking, after his Wikipedia page was changed over the weekend to suggest he had died in a yachting accident.

Kay – who presents a whole host of 'light-entertainment' shows on television and also works as a Radio One DJ – was surprised to find that his friends were ringing him to ask if he was okay.

A quick look at the history of his Wikipedia page reveals the entry:


"Vernon Kay sadly passed away after falling off a yacht on holiday in Greece on the 12th of September 2008. Kay, his wife Tess Daly and their daughter Pheobe (sic) were on the yacht.

"Kay was spotted on his mobile by photographers before tragedy struck. He was waving to the photographers and slipped and fell off of the edge of the yacht and was knocked unconscious."

Kay told British tabloid The Sun that he was a little surprised at news of his demise, adding: "I am alive and kicking.

"A few friends rang to check that I was all right... I wish I was on a yacht in Greece."

It's not the first time a high-profile UK figure has found Wikipedia vandals causing a stir – with the likes of Ashley Cole being famously slurred in the past.

But when a national institution like Kay is the victim, you can expect wide-spread media outrage.

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