SBS On Demand lands on Telstra T-Box

Telstra T-Box SBS On Demand
T-Box gets free-to-air catch-up TV options

Telstra will be adding a Catch Up TV option to its T-Box offering, with SBS On Demand on board from launch.

The new Catch Up TV menu will be available from the main menu starting from September, including all SBS catch-up content, as well as other content available through SBS's app.

"SBS is delighted to be partnering with Telstra and continuing to make our distinctive content as broadly available as possible," said Marshall Heald, SBS Chief Digital Officer.

SBS says that its On Demand app and content is available on more platforms that any other Australian broadcaster.

T-Box goes free-to-air

Telstra has said that it has an on-going plan to bring more free-to-air TV content to T-Box customers, including more catch-up services.

"This partnership with SBS opens up a great deal of fantastic content to our customers, available on-demand after its broadcast," said Eric Kearley, Telstra Director IPTV and Pay TV.

"We are working on adding more free-to-air catch up services to the T-Box, which we hope to announce soon."

Freeview Plus, which will bring together all free-to-air catch-up services through HbbTV technology, is also gearing up to launch September 2.