Manchester City to Google+ Hangout with club's fans

Manchester City to Google+ Hangout with club's fans
Manchester City launch the Third Half

Reigning English Premier League champions Manchester City have announced that they will be using Google+ hangouts to allow fans to interact with the club.

City are launching "The 3rd Half" to give fans the opportunity to watch live Q&A sessions during the build up to matches.

We're not entirely sure how something that happens before a match can be considered a third half, but the concept is an interesting one – from a club that has been keen to use social networks to push its brand.

Vieira ooeeoo

The first show will be hosted by City's Patrick Vieira, one of the Premier League's former superstars and the Frenchman will be on hand to take questions on Sunday before the match against Arsenal.

Russell Stopford, Head of Digital, for Manchester City, said: "With the social media landscape changing so quickly, we are constantly creating new, innovative ways to connect with the Club's supporters.

"Our partnership with Google+ will give our fans the chance to interact with their favourite players in a way they've never been able to do before, wherever they are in the world."

There is a bit of a major downside - only ten people can be in the video chat at once. So expect an almighty battle to actually participate.

Richard Keelty, Head of UK sports marketing partnerships, Google+, said: ''The ''3rd half'' Hangout series are a great example of how a Football Club can engage with their fans.

"Manchester City is the first Club to offer supporters a unique insight in the build-up to key matches throughout the season by using Google+ Hangouts.''

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