Indiegogo gives Aussies a better go with AUD-based campaigns

Indiegogo goes a bit more Aussie.

With crowd funding platforms in vogue, Indiegogo is now offering Aussie campaigners the ability to ask for pledges in Australian dollars (AUD).

This announcement comes soon after Kickstarter revealed that it would also start offering Australians the same opportunity.

Offering an AUD option means that those pledging will not be plagued by currency conversion fees or worrying about the ever changing currency rate.

Danae Ringelmann, co-founder and chief customer officer of Indiegogo, told TechRadar that Indiegogo came down to Australia last year to hold workshops with local campaigners and since then, the market here has grown 270%.

"It shows that the Australian market is super entrepreneurial, super creative, super innovative [and] super cutting edge."

As part of that movement, she said that it only makes sense for Indiegogo to offer Australian's an AUD option.

An Aussie presence

Indiegogo said that they have also been hiring and creating a larger base of operations in Australia to help building the platform for campaigners here.

"Australia is one of our top five markets and we want to make sure we're here and partnering with the right partners," said Shannon Swallow, head of Marketing Communications for Indiegogo.

"Australia is a very entrepreneurial country. We've had amazing campaigns already come out of this country."

Indiegogo started operations back in 2008, without the need for campaigners to go through an application process. It also allows campaigners to choose between flexible or fixed funding models.

One of the most prominent Aussie campaigns in recent months has been "Get Malcolm Turnbull to listen to Australia about the NBN", which has raised nearly $60,000.

Indiegogo will be holding information sessions in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane over the next few days for people interested in starting up a campaign.

In any case, it is good to see more global crowd funding AUD options available to Aussie campaigners and pledgers alike.