Hulu rumoured to be considering subscription

Hulu - not a familiar brand for most of the UK
Hulu - not a familiar brand for most of the UK

Popular online video site Hulu is rumoured to be considering charging for content as it looks to move onto devices like the Xbox 360 and the Apple iPad.

Although it has foundered in its attempt to become a major player in the UK, with stories of advertising problems, Hulu is considered one of the major players in the video on demand market and a fresh assault on these shores cannot be far away.

According to news agency Reuters, sources within the company have said that Hulu - owned by News Corp, NBC Universal and Disney – is developing a subscription service.

Xbox 360

This tallies with the growing talk that the Xbox 360 will soon see the arrival of Hulu, although the UK already has the popular Sky Player on the games console.

Inevitably the iPad is also a major topic of talk and speculation for those watching Hulu.

The subscription model is believed to be centred around older content rather than catch-up episodes, a model that exists on cable boxes in the UK where Virgin Media offers subscription VOD called TV Choice on Demand and also free catch-up services for recently aired programmes.

When asked by Reuters, both Hulu and Microsoft declined to comment on the strong rumours of an Xbox tie-up.

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