Google improves collaborative Microsoft Office functions

Google Apps just got better, with improved Microsoft Office functionality on the way following acquisition of DocVerse

Google has bought productivity specialists DocVerse, enabling users to edit Microsoft Office documents collaboratively online.

Google's acquisition of DocVerse should prove to be a godsend to those working on joint projects where the team is using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to collaboratively create and edit their documents online.

Google Apps gets better

Google credited DocVerse's "small, nimble team of talented developers who share [Google's] vision."

The announcement was made via the Google Enterprise blog and via DocVerse's own site.

"Unfortunately, today, individuals are still forced to make a choice between those two worlds," reads the DocVerse post. "Google's acquisition of DocVerse represents a first step to solve these problems."

Google has put new sign-ups to DocVerse on hold for now until the company is "ready to share what's next."

Google Docs already lets users simultaneously edit Google-hosted word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents – so it is safe to assume that DocVerse's talent will be put towards improving that service, in addition to improving Google/MS Office functionality and compatibility.

One major step forward for the company in making Google Apps an essential tool for remote office workers and small businesses alike.

Via Google and Ars Technica