Google+ help page confirms upcoming Games stream

Google Games streams incoming
Google Games streams incoming

Google+ will soon incorporate some kind of social gaming element, according to an overly helpful help page found on Google's social network.

"If you're looking for updates shared from games, check out your Games stream," said Google+'s help page, which is still live at time of writing, although the hyperlink in the text leads to a 404 error page.

It's not clear exactly what this Games stream will entail, but it could well be along the lines of Facebook's social gaming, where third party developers build games that latch on to the shareable nature of the site.

Eric Schmidt is now your neighbour in Farmville!

That's right, we could be on the cusp of Farmville+, particularly given that Google has already said that APIs will be released to developers in the near future.

We advise setting up a special circle for your Farmville-loving Google+ friends now so you can hide them and their annoying statuses as soon as it hits.

The other potential gaming feature on Google+ could be to use Android games; either to play on the web, or to share your vital statistics in a leaderboard style.

Either way, this latest slip-up from Google coupled with sneaky lines buried deep in the Google+ code that also mention a Games stream, makes us fairly confident that it won't be long before the stream launches.


While you're wait patiently for the Games stream to officially launch, take a look at our Google+ hands on for some useful Google+ tips and tricks:

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