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Android set to dominate beyond mobile phones

The Touch Revolution prototype at CES
The Touch Revolution prototype at CES
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A US start up has promised Google's Android OS is set to dominate beyond mobile phones and into home electronics.

Touch Revolution has stated that the OS will be present in a range of gadgets from well-known companies by the end of the year.

These will be areas like remote control devices, home phones and media hub systems. The touchscreens used will come in sizes between 4.3 and 10-inch (much like Touch Revolution's desktop device shown at CES to TechRadar) and will connect to the web.

The reason for the expansion is Android's ability to support a number of communications features, meaning it can perform functions like light management, PVR recording set-up or even turning your boring home phone into a desktop.

Touch Revolution is working with such companies to provide the touchscreens and Android interoperability, and also designing proprietary skins to make the desired tasks easier to perform.

And of course, it's available for free as an open source platform, which is going to attract a number of companies.

Touch on show

When TechRadar met with Touch Revolution in January earlier this year, we were impressed with the devices on show, which highlighted the expandability of Android.

Its device comes in 4.3in, 7.5in and 10in screen sizes, and although currently in the prototype stage showed off Android at larger screen sizes.

Although the 'traditional' Android screen, with the desert in the background, was present, Touch Revolution skinned extra features on top, allowing the device to be turned into a home communication device, with a set of four large icons for quick links.

The prototyped device, which TechRadar was told would be similar to final version brought out later this year, had three physical buttons at the bottom to navigate back and forth through the device, giving easy access to the Android home screen.

Anyway, the point is - Google is set to break out of the computer and infect your house. Which is ironic when it promised the end of viruses earlier this year.

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Gareth Beavis
Gareth Beavis

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