200 new e-bikes land in London for you to ride completely free

HumanForest electric bike
(Image credit: HumanForest)

Electric bike hire company HumanForest, which lets you borrow a bike without paying a penny for short journeys, has expanded its London scheme to help you avoid crowded public transport as businesses reopen.

HumanForest launched in Islington last month and has now dropped a fresh batch of bikes in Camden, giving you more chances to hitch a free ride.

While many other e-bike services claim not to charge for the first part of your journey, there's usually a fee to unlock the bike in the first place, which means you're effectively paying from the moment you settle down on the saddle.

With HumanForest there's no unlocking charge, and you can ride free for 20 minutes a day (long enough to travel around 5km). Your 20 minute allowance resets at 23:58 every night.

Dodge the crowds

London's bike hire market might seem saturated, but as businesses reopen and public transport becomes more crowded, electric bikes and scooters are likely to see a boom in popularity as an alternative to congested trains and buses where social distancing is all but impossible.

HumanForest's bikes are a green option, too. They're dockless, have a top speed of 15mph, and are powered by renewable energy. The batteries are changed by members of HumanForest's team, keep the bike rolling for around 80km between charges, and are built to last about five years, helping minimize electrical waste.


(Image credit: HumanForest)

The HumanForest app is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play, and you should soon start to see the dark green cycles spreading further throughout London, with 1,000 bikes expected to be on the streets by the autumn.

"Providing a healthy and safe transport option for Londoners is a core aim of ours," said co-founder Caroline Seton, "and launching in Camden is another step in delivering this for the whole city."

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