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Huge retro arcade cabinet deals appear in Walmart's early Black Friday sale

Arcade 1Up
(Image credit: Arcade 1Up)

If you're a curmudgeonly 30- or- 40-something that's neck deep in reliving your single-digit and teenage years through retro games, does Walmart have some deals for you.

The early Walmart Black Friday sale has now included a number of retro arcade cabinets from the likes of the retro wizards at Arcade 1Up and Japanese game developer-slash-hardware maker SNK. You can save upwards of $100 on some of these products.

NEOGEO Mini Pro Player Pack Bundle is $139 $99 on Walmart
This is one of my personal favorite retro arcade cabinets, because it can be played on its own as well as double as a retro game console, complete with two controllers and an HDMI cord for $40 off list price.View Deal

RepliCade x Tempest Mini Arcade is $119 $99 on Walmart
If you really, really love Tempest – so much so that you'd love it on your desk - it's now $20 off list price. It may be tiny (12 inches tall), but it's the only widely available mini Tempest cabinet out there.View Deal

Arcade 1Up Asteroids cabinet is $299 $164.99 at Walmart
Walmart is selling Arcade 1Up's Asteroids revival cabinet for nearly half off list price at a $135 discount. The cabinet also includes Tempest, Major Havoc and Lunar Lander baked in.View Deal

Arcade 1Up Centipede cabinet is $299 $174.99 at Walmart
We're not huge fans of Centipede, but this cabinet that's more than $100 off also includes scroll-ball gems like Crystal Castles, Missile Command and Millipede . Not a bad deal at all.View Deal

Arcade 1Up Street Fighter is $299 $245 on Walmart
Arcade 1Up has published one of its best arcade cabinets recently: one that's 100% dedicated to Street Fighter. The featured games include Street Fighter ll Champion Edition, Street Fighter ll The New Challengers, Street Fighter ll Turbo.View Deal