Huawei launches chic Watch Fit Elegant smartwatch

Huawei Watch Fit Elegant
(Image credit: Huawei)

Huawei has launched a sleek new version of the affordable Huawei Watch Fit, the Huawei Watch Fit Elegant. 

The changes are mostly aesthetic, with a new stainless steel body along with a polished glass surface and a fluoroelastomer strap – the same material used for official Apple Watch sports bands. The watch comes in two color options: Frosty White with a gold-hue frame, and Midnight Black with a dark steel frame.

Aside from the facelift, the Watch Fit Elegant remains largely the same as the original except for the addition of continuous SpO2 monitoring. On the original Watch Fit, SpO2 was monitored at intervals throughout the day, but the Watch Fit Elegant gives you continuous data for better analytics. You'll also receive an alert if your SpO2 gets too low.

You’ll get the same versatile fitness and health tracking features as the original watch, which allow you to track almost any kind of activity from traditional walking, running, cycling to unconventional forms of exercise like dancing, martial arts and dart throwing. There’s also real-time heart rate monitoring during exercise to keep you motivated to hit target zones. All your heart rate, sleep and fitness data can be easily accessed through the Huawei Health app. 

The Watch Fit Elegant will feature the same interactive fitness courses as the original, too. These are short courses with animated demonstrations on the watch face and easy to follow. Alongside you also get 13 running courses built-in for runners of all abilities. As you run, the Watch Fit Elegant breaks down instructions, keeps track of step count and tracks your route with the built-in GPS. 

It offers the same 10-day battery life as its predecessor (though it dips a little when GPS is on). There are utility features on board as well that let you perform breathing exercises, set alarms, and receive push notifications from your phone. However, there's still no NFC or third-party app support. 

Price and availability

Release dates and prices vary by region. We don't yet have an official US price or release date, but in the UK, the Watch Fit Elegant is priced at £109.99, and will be available from March 23 direct from Huawei's online store.

In the UAE, the watch is priced at AED499 and comes with a free Bluetooth speaker worth AED 59. It will be available from March 18 on Huawei’s website, Experience stores, and third-party retailers.

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