How to watch Fargo online: stream season 4 from anywhere

How to watch Fargo season four online
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One of the most unique TV shows of all time is back gracing our screens once again. With each season diving into its own insane crime story woven with suspense, plot twists and humour, it's time to once again watch Fargo online, this time delving into the 1950s.

Fargo season 4 cheat sheet

Episodes of the fourth season of Fargo season will be airing on Sundays (from September 27) at 10/9c. You can catch it via the FX channel which, if you don't already have in your cable subscription, you can get through the likes of Sling TV.

As is the style of Fargo, this new season sits completely separate to previous ones - albeit in the same shared Midwest America universe. That means for those following the show from the start, it's time to say goodbye to Ewan McGregor and his unhinged brother from season three.

With a star-studded cast led by Chris Rock, Jason Schwartzman and Jessie Buckley, this latest season explores two rival crime syndicates as they vie for control in Kansas. As the two families struggle to make peace, both wanting their fair share of the very much illegal economies they run, they decide to swap the eldest sons of the families...we expect this is the catalyst from which it all goes wrong.

While the season had to be delayed due to the on-going pressures on filming due to the pandemic, it is set to be the most epic narrative the Fargo series has managed to put out yet.

Ready to start your next TV obsession? Below we've listed all the details you need to note if you plan to watch Fargo online for season 4 with channels, times and viewing options around the world - it's even available to watch for FREE in some regions.

How to watch Fargo online from outside your country

If you're in the unfortunate position of being away from home right now, you'll likely find that you can't watch Fargo online. Luckily, there is a way to get around the pesky geo-blocks.

Simply download and use a VPN and you can change your IP address to be in a country that is airing the show. That way you can catch all of the 1950s crime family action with ease.

our personal favorite is ExpressVPN

While there are a load of VPNs currently available, our personal favorite is ExpressVPN. Not only is It super quick but it is also very safe, secure and uncomplicated to use. It's compatible with numerous devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Xbox, PlayStation, and both iOS and Android software.

What makes ExpressVPN even more enticing is its flexible 30-day money back guarantee. But then again, if you sign up for an annual plan you'll get a 49% discount and 3 months extra FREE - a brilliant deal on an essential bit of software. And it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can give it a try without any risk.

Once downloaded, search for the location of your home country or select it from the pre-defined list, and then connect. You should then be able to watch Fargo online and its latest crazy adventure in Kansas.

How to watch Fargo season 4 online in the US 


The latest season of Fargo will be airing in the US on FX. Sundays at at 10/9c are the time to tune in, if you just can't wait to see each episode go out..

If you're already set up with a TV package that includes FX then you're all ready to go! But if you're not and you're a bit of a cord-cutter, there is a few great options to choose from.

Sling TV for example can get you FX with the Sling TV Blue package. A plan that costs you $30 a month and gets you access to 47 live channels.

And that's not your only option, catch the details of some other top cord cutting services below.

Not actually at home in the US to tune into Fargo? Not to worry. As we mentioned above, you can use a VPN to watch Fargo like you're back home.

  • Fubo TV | 7-day free trial | $59.95/pm: If you go with Fubo TV you'll be able to watch Fox and 30 of the other top 35 cable channels including Comedy Central, FX, MTV and more.
  • AT&T Entertainment package | $59.95/pm: AT&T comes in at the same cost as FuboTV and offers a pretty similar performance. It has 65+ channels, 500+ hours of cloud storage, access to apps like Netflix and comes with a smart remote.
  • Hulu | $5.99/pm - $54.99/pm: Hulu looks like one of the best ways to watch The Masked Singer online on demand, with a  . Not only does it offer a free 1-month trial and only $5.99 a month. If you want to watch live as it happens you'll need Hulu + Live TV. That will cost you a much more expensive $54.99 a month, but it is a complete cable replacement so worth the money - it also comes with a free 7 day trial.
  • YouTube TV | 14-day free trial | $64.99/pm: While it is the most expensive option, YouTube TV has a lot of benefits. It has flexible contracts, no extra fees for HD or cancellation and comes with 85+ channels including Fox, ESPN, CNN and more.

How to watch Fargo season 4 online in Canada


In Canada, watching the new season of Fargo is easy! The show airs on Sundays at 10/9c. Just like in the US, the show will be airing over on FX’s Canadian channel.

As long as you’re a FX cable subscriber, you will be able to watch live as the episode airs or catch up later through the FX Now streaming service. It is worth mentioning that you will need to have a package with FX to watch live or via the app.

You can consult your local provider to see pricing and options where you are if you don’t already have a cable package with FX to watch Fargo.

If you’re already a paying customer with a FX package but aren’t at home in Canada right now, you can still catch all of the 1950s crime family action. Simply download a VPN and use it to put your address back in Canada.

Watch Fargo season 4 online in Australia for FREE


 For anyone based in Australia, you can watch the latest season of Fargo through SBS on Demand. However, you will have to wait a bit longer than American fans.

The first episode will air on Thursday, October 8. It will be part of a double bill with the first two episodes premiering on SBS. The rest of the 11 episodes will go live every following Thursday.

Is Fargo season 4 available to watch in the UK?


It looks like fans of Fargo in the UK are going to have to wait for their dose of season 4. While the three previous seasons aired on Channel 4, no start date has yet to be announced.

When Fargo does finally come to the UK for this latest season, free-to-air Channel 4 will be the platform to expect it on. Until then, you can always catch up on old seasons.

Netflix UK has the previous three seasons available to stream so you can reinvest yourself in the Fargo world, all set for season four.

Where can I watch old episodes of Fargo?

While you don't have to watch Fargo in chronological order thanks to each season operating in their own individual plot, it's always good to catch up. You can watch the old episodes in:

US: If you want to catch all three of the previous seasons in the US, you can do so through Hulu. If you're not already subscribed, you can get a free 30-day trial - just about enough time to burn through all the old seasons.

Canada: There is just one place to catch old seasons of Fargo in Canada and that's through Netflix. It has all three of the old seasons.

UK: You can watch all three of the previous Fargo seasons through Netflix in the UK. It is also available to purchase through the Sky Store and Apple TV.

Everywhere else: From one of the above countries but currently living away? Luckily, you can use a VPN to watch the old seasons. Simply switch your location back to your country of origin, and you'll be able to binge the first three seasons from wherever you're from.

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