How to save £150 off a new iPhone and keep your number with Sky Mobile

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If you're in the market for a new mobile phone deal - specifically an iPhone deal or Samsung phone deal - then you might want to take a glance over at Sky Mobile as it could save you £150.

Following the new Ofcom regulations, which now help you to switch network by simply sending a text, Sky Mobile has decided to make this tasty new offer to entice fresh customers. The 'text-to-switch' Ofcom initiative means you can now simply send a free text to your current network and you'll be given your PAC code so you can take it – and your same number – across to any new network. 

For those new to Sky Mobile the Apple deal will let you snap up an iPhone XR for £36 per month, which gets you unlimited calls and texts with a plentiful 8GB of data all on a Swap24 plan meaning you can change up after the 24 month contract ends. On that same contract is the Samsung Galaxy S10e for a more affordable £32 per month but also with unlimited text and calls plus that 8GB data allowance.

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"Switching mobile networks is so much easier for customers"

Sophia Ahmad, director of Sky Mobile said: "The arrival of text-to-switch will make it much easier for customers to move to a mobile provider that has the right offer to meet their needs.

"When we launched Sky Mobile our aim was to be the most flexible network, giving customers choice and savings every month. Our approach has proved to be very popular – we surpassed the 1 million customer mark in June, and we’re confident we’ll continue to see success now switching mobile networks is so much easier for customers."

Head straight to the Sky Mobile site to see all of its best phone deals and offers

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