We played safe with Avatar 3D, says Cameron's partner

We played safe with Avatar 3D, says Cameron's partner
Avatar - the world's most famous 3D film

James Cameron's partner Vince Pace has stated that the 3D in Avatar could have been taken further – admitting that there were times when they played safe with the most famous 3D movie of all time, and insisting that Hugo represents the evolution of the technology.

Avatar was a smash hit, partly because of the technology and innovation of the Cameron Pace Group – which has also been responsible for the stellar 3D within Martin Scorsese's critically acclaimed Hugo.

"We were experimenting with Avatar," Pace told the Hollywood Reporter. "We could have gone further, but we wanted to make sure we found ourselves somewhere in the middle of concentrating on a good film and focusing on 3D elements.

"We didn't want to compromise the actual film by taking away from the story for the sake of 3D. We tended to play it somewhat safer in the approach. But as Jim likes to say, 'You don't make any mistakes when you're first.'"


Pace believes that Hugo is a movie that shows just what can be achieved in 3D when the film is built around the technology, rather than adding it in as an extra.

"Marty [Scorsese] knew where he wanted to go and was adamant to get there," added Pace. "Early on, we explained to Marty that he was doing exactly what he'd normally do in approaching a film.

"3D was playing an opportunistic role, not changing everything he knew. The real challenge is reversing the tide of 3D going to effects instead of perspective."

"Hugo helps us get it back on the right track. With all of our projects, the beauty is that we're supporting the efforts of filmmakers rather than reinventing the process."

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