Star Wars' 3D comeback could be limited to one film

The Phantom Menace to 3D?
The Phantom Menace to 3D?

Rick McCallum has suggested in an interview that, should the first Star Wars film to be converted to 3D prove a flop, then it could well mean that none of the others are given the treatment.

With 3D knocking now well on its way to becoming an Olympic sport, an interview in CeskaPozice with Star Wars producer McCallum suggest that George Lucas is dipping his toe in the 3D waters rather than diving in.

When asked about the spacing of the 3D movies, McCallum replied: "One a year, if they work. If they don't, then there will be just one [episode converted to 3D]."


There is certainly no guarantee that a Star Wars film, designed to be in 2D, will prove a big hit, but it certainly has more chance than a good percentage of newer movie.

The decision to re-release 3D versions of the Star Wars movies were, in truth, met with a multitude of groans from a fanbase that has now abided most transitions in format and the reimaginings of cinematic tinker-man Lucas.

But should you actually want to see all six in 3D this all begs the question, if you had to pin your hopes on getting an entire double trilogy made would you choose The Phantom Menace?

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