Amazon Prime to get Mr Robot Season 2 just a day after it airs in the US

mr robot

Mr Robot has been one of the big critical successes for Amazon Prime, but one of the bugbears of the series was the UK had to wait an achingly long time for it to land on the service.

While the US watched weekly, the UK had to wait until the season had finished and then another month before they could stream all 10 episodes.

Thankfully, there won't be such a wait for Season 2. Mr Robot hits US screens again July 13 on the USA Network and Amazon has revealed to techradar that it will be airing the show just a day after the premiere and then weekly after that.

The hack is back

Mr Robot centres around the life of a security developer by day and justice hacker by night, Elliot, played by the magnetic Rami Malek, who is recruited by Christian Slater's Mr Robot into a motley band of hackers intent on bringing down corporate America.

Very little has been given away about the story line except that this season shows the introduction of the FBI who are obviously very keen to catch members of F-society.

The show has gained fans not only because of the myriad twists and intrigue of the story, but also because it is one of the few shows that depicts hacking accurately. Or as accurately as TV allows.

Mr Robot will run for 10 episodes.