Here's how Apple envisions wireless charging over Wi-Fi

Though wireless charging on an iPhone is still firmly in rumor territory, it's clear Apple has given some major thought to powering your devices sans-fil.

The tech giant has patented a method of using dual-frequency patch antennas to charge an external device wirelessly using frequencies emitted from a Wi-Fi router or cellular hot spot.

Originally filed almost two years ago, the patent describes using the technology in a way that could potentially make charging your phone or tablet as simple as getting in range of your home or workplace's Wi-Fi signal, rather than resting your device on top of a dock.

Being just a patent, there's no guarantee you'll be topping off your iPhone's battery just by walking through the front door yet. However, there's ample rumors that suggest Apple may implement wireless charging in the iPhone 8, with some even adding that it could be a long-range type of feature. 

Also intriguing is that a recently leaked render claiming to be the new iPhone schematic features what could be a wireless charging receiver that seems similar to a patch antenna design in Apple's patent. 

That could just be us leaning a little too hard into speculation, but nevertheless, we look forward to learning more later this year when Apple finally spills the beans on its next iPhone.

Via Apple Insider

Parker Wilhelm
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