Leaked iPhone 8 schematic hints at dual camera and wireless charging

Where will Apple put the fingerprint scanner? That’s one of the biggest questions surrounding the iPhone 8, and if a newly leaked schematic is accurate we know one place it won’t be – the back of the handset.

Recently, the possibility of a rear-facing scanner has been rumored, in order to allow Apple to shrink the bezel on the iPhone 8, but there’s no sign of it in the diagram below, shared by Benjamin Geskin.

Of course, that still doesn’t tell us whether the Touch ID scanner will be below the screen, or - as has been heavily rumored - built into it.

Other than that, the diagram also shows dual rear cameras stacked vertically, rather than horizontally as they are on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Credit: Benjamin Geskin

Credit: Benjamin Geskin

All about AR

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen iPhone 8 images with vertically aligned cameras, and although we’re not sure why Apple would make this change it’s possible that it’s necessary to power the rumored augmented reality features of the phone.

The other notable thing in the schematic is a large circle, which Geskin posits could be a wireless charging pad – though it’s not clear whether his source said as much or that’s just speculation on his part. But wireless charging has been a heavily rumored iPhone 8 feature.

As with any leak we’d take this schematic with a pinch of salt, and all the more so because Geskin isn’t one of the big names in leaks, but he claims to have 95% confidence in his source, so we wouldn’t write it off either.

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