Groov-e's super-cheap soundbars want to give your budget TV an easy upgrade

The Groov-e soundbar 160 pictured affixed to a wall underneath a large TV in a tastefully decorated living room with blue walls
(Image credit: Groov-e)

A cheap TV usually means poor sound quality, which usually means splashing out on a soundbar. Unfortunately, many of the best soundbars come with sizeable price tags of their own. So give a big hand for Groov-e's new range, which is designed to be every bit as affordable as that bargain TV you just bought.

The cheapest of the audio tech company's five new soundbars is the Groov-e SoundBar 20, which costs a paltry £29.99 in the UK; we’re still waiting on official US prices and availability. It has two speakers and 20 watts of power and is designed to be used with a PC, tablet or phone rather than a TV. And surprisingly, given the price, it even comes with a few features, including colour-changing LED lights, 10 hours of playback and voice assistant support.

The Groov-e soundbar 20

The Groov-e Soundbar 20 is only £29.99, but it's not designed to be used with TVs. (Image credit: Groov-e)

While the Soundbar 20 is an interesting option, it's the model at the other end of the affordability scale that we think would suit most people. The Groov-e SoundBar 160 is £79.99 and has powerful 160-watt 2.1-channel speakers plus a built-in subwoofer to improve bass delivery. The design is minimal and understated, making it look more expensive than it is, with a simple control panel located on the top.

Between the SoundBar 20 and SoundBar 160, there are 50W, 75W and 110W versions at various price points. So if you’re looking for a sub-£100 soundbar, there’s bound to be one that suits you here.

The Groov-e soundbar 160 pictured on a TV cabinet in a blue living room

The Groov-e soundbar 160 can be attached to a wall (see main image above) or rested on top of a TV cabinet. (Image credit: Groov-e)

Even some of the best TVs on the market need an audio boost with a soundbar. That's fine if you’re going for the ultimate entertainment experience and have the budget to match, because there are plenty of high-end soundbars on the market offering such treats as Dolby Atmos and wireless subs. 

However, the budget end of the market is not generally so well served. Our list of the best cheap soundbars does include some solid options, such as the Vizio V-Series 2.1-Channel Soundbar and Roku Smart Soundbar, but it’s still good to see Groov-e catering for those of us who own one of the best cheap TVs, rather than a fancy new OLED

We've enjoyed testing several of the audio tech company's products over the years, including the Groov-E SoundBuds true wireless earbuds. They tend to be on the cheaper end of the scale and generally offer decent (but nowhere near high-end) audio quality. That should be a given considering the price of the new soundbar range, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

The full range of soundbars is available to buy now from the Groov-e online store, but will land on third-party retailers over the next month.

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