Google's new TV Dongle spotted in developer preview

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Based on various leaks we know that Google is working on a new streaming device for TVs. But we aren’t very sure if it is a stripped-down version of the current-gen Chromecast/Chromecast Ultra or an entirely different product in a new avatar.

While Google has remained tight-lipped about the product’s existence and its features, the company itself inadvertently confirmed the new TV dongle in a video that was spotted by the good folks at 9to5Google in a developer preview of Android 11 for Android TV.

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The small video hidden in the developer preview files is a simple walkthrough of how to reboot the new Google Android TV Dongle and suggests that the user just needs to unplug the power supply, wait for 3 seconds and re-plug. The entire process is similar to the recommended way of restarting the current-gen Chromecast devices.

The video, unfortunately, doesn’t reveal anything else apart from the existence of a new device packed in a slightly different form factor than the existing TV dongles from Google. The video though sort of confirms the previous leaks in terms of design and the placement of Google logo.

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Google Android TV Dongle- The missing cog?

As per rumours, this new TV Dongle may launch along with the new Pixel devices this fall. While there is no clarity around its pricing, it is expected to be priced well under $100.  

A product from Google that helps users convert their vanilla LED TVs into a smart TV was heavily missed. Though Google already has Chromecast in its repertoire, it was best used to “cast” content. An Android TV device can obviously do much more than just cast content from another device to a TV.

Also, the need to use a smartphone to control Chromecast is another major drawback. A dedicated remote, which the new dongle is said to come with, is a must for an Android TV product.

Products like Xiaomi’s Mi TV Box which runs on Android TV and performs all of these tasks was launched in India recently. It is worth noting that the Mi TV Box has been highly popular in the country way before it had arrived on Indian shores, thanks to the sites like Gearbest, JD and Aliexpress.

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